Verru Design is a Brooklyn-based design practice which focuses on advancing the design of landscapes through community-based research, cataloging, and archiving human interaction with the natural world.

Our landscapes­ – interior and exterior – contextualize the culture and community in which they are positioned. Our research and design portfolio reflects a range of projects, from urban streetscapes and residential backyards to speculative, rural restorations. In close collaboration with the client, Verru designs landscapes that promote sustainable living and holistic thinking.

Corwin Green is an educator, and communication designer, whose foci are the transformational aspects of design thinking and how collective power is created in design and art. A Creative Director, he is fascinated by brand development and engagement, the function and dysfunction of cities, and the ways space can be augmented and manipulated. A Massachusetts native, he earned an MFA from the Pratt Institute.

Damon Arrington
is a Landscape Urbanist who focuses on crisis landscapes and their subsequent effect on the people that inhabit them, he is dedicated to exposing environmental injustice. Damon obtained a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from The City College of New York where he was a scholar for the J. Max Bond Center for Inclusion and Equity. His notable Architecture projects in NYC include The Hills on Governors Island, Jamaica Bay Restoration Project and park spaces for The New York Housing Authority. His work bridges science and architecture with art and community. He is an Instructor at NYBG.